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Let us take You to the Paradise

Please check our upcoming events in Nadabrahma Health Academy.

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Nadabrahma Health Academy provides a wide range of both individual and group treatments and workshops. During the sessions we focus on harmonizing your body cells, slowing brain waves and induce deeper state of relaxation.

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We love our clients and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing treatments and life changing trainings!

Last night I attended a workshop on the power of sound at the Health-Plex in Dublin .  It was facilitated by Marta Toropow.  She has such a beautiful energy .  Check out Marta albums and sample the music on her Web site…

Gina Lourance, Sound Healing - day workshop

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a gong bath produced by Marta.During the session it was difficult to be aware of anything other than the strange and beautiful sounds that filled my ears.  The parts of my body that made contact with the floor buzzed.  Unlike with other forms of meditation where random and mundane thoughts occasionally flow through the mind, during the gong bath the only thoughts that came to me were of a spiritual nature…

Marii Flowen, Gong Bath

I suffer from persistent headaches and I have been using pain killers to deal with my pain for some time. I try not to take too much medication, as I am aware of the side effects it may have on the body. I believe that the sound healing could reduce or even eliminate my pain…

Ewa Byrne, Individual Session - Sound Healing Massage
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