Sound healing with Tantra workshop for women

/Sound healing with Tantra workshop for women
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“… Blossoming flower … the gate of dreams … honey of witches … butterfly … pomegranate … small chamber … wild stream … greedy dragon … well of pleasure … temple of  Tara … nectar of love … body of the goddess … chest of pearls … “(Taken from a tantric book, Christa Schulte)
These are just a few words defining the place of our greatest female power – YONI
YONI – is the holy place of female desire, WOMB – which gives a new life, a glorious source of the woman’s greatest strength.
You can create your own description by connecting with your center of power and pleasure in this workshop dedicated to YONI 🙂
Buddha called YONI – the gateway to nirvana – because it involves very important aspects of consciousness.
Yoni can tell us a lot about life, especially about our intimate relationships, first –  if we let her talk  and secondly if we to listen to her. We will begin to approach her with a deep respect,  admiration and appreciation.
During this workshop  we will begin the journey of getting to know our YONI, deepening the consciousness of Yoni. All exercises are based on ancient Tantric and Taoist meditations and techniques …. each subsequent exercise will take you deeper into the experience of  unity with Yoni and better connection.
“Every woman is a goddess, because every Yoni is the guardian of the infinite mystery of existence.” Yoni – a word from Sanskrit, defining the woman’s genitals, Yoni is a sacred place, is a symbol of the universal womb from which life begins and to which it returns “Dr. Ma Ananda Sarita “Holy Sexuality”
Through visualization, dance, voice / singing, breath, touch, silence, contact with the pelvis and our inner creator, we will connect with our place of power – our WOMB ♥
During the workshop, Marta will conduct a sound session with Tibetan bowls, gongs and singing. Harmonious sounds play a role in the self-healing process, help to change unfavourable states of anger, anxiety, sadness and stress into a state of relaxation and harmony. The session heals and provides a mystical experience.
We invite you today on this wonderful journey together with other women, we will have a great pleasure to experience, feel, create, be ♥♥ ♥ ♥
This workshop will be facilitate  with Marta Toropow and  Malgorzata Rutkowska–   Qualified  Tantric Healer and Trainer ,Tantric  Massager and Energy Worker.
Workshop hours: 11:00 – 17:00 (may be extended);)
Where:  Restore Health Clinic, Camden Street, Dublin 2
Energy exchange – 85 euros
early bird 70 eu until 26 April
(In order to secure a place in the workshop, we kindly ask you to pay a deposit of 25 eu. The deposit is not refundable)
please  pay by pay pal or contact me for bank details to transfer deposit money .