Voice Healing Training Level 1

//Voice Healing Training Level 1
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Training Level1  start 14March (Saturday)from 10am-16pm   and finish 15 March (Sunday) from 10 am – 16pm

Singing to express no impress
This course will wake up to a new relationship with who you are as revealed through the power of your voice.
The voice will engage every part of your heart, body and soul. It will relax your rational mind, opening your ears , eyes and imagination to the pleasure and benefits of expressing yourself in ways you never thought possible.There is a unique voice inside of you waiting to be heard , the voice of your true identity and being. You will be introduce to different mantras from Hindu tradition and  Christian chant. As well you will be introduce to create voice healing treatments by scanning the body finding the imbalances by using the voice and apply voice vibration to enhance energy field on the person.  On Each level we will apply different voice practices and different voice treatment. After course(3levels) you will have to do 15 study cases and write little essay about voice journey of your own.

                                 VOCAL TONING

  • Understanding the healing power of the voice
  • Removing blockages from the voice
  • Voice exercises


  • Learn sacred chants from different spiritual traditions
  • Balancing the chakras with vowel sounds


                                HEALING WITH THE VOICE

  • Learning Vocal Toning on the Breath
  • Reconnecting to Your Natural Sound- Your True Voice
  • Understand the Healing Power of your Birth Name (Sonic Identity)
    If you are afraid of vocalising in front of others, don’t worry, you will not be asked to sing or sound on your own… All voice work is done as a group. This workshop is for everyone
  • Early bird booking price until 1 of  March 290 after 340 eu

    deposit 100 eu via pay pal https://www.paypal.me/soundhealing or by bank transfer

    After  3 levels of training you become a Voice Healer and you will be able to set up your own practice .You will be able add Voice healing to your own practice or work within an established Institution. Each level takes 2 days on Hill of Tara in Tara Open Studio. Our school is insured and you will be able to insure after the course, we have accreditation from Complementary Medical Association and  Sound Healing Associations held by Jonathan Goldman the pioneer of sound healing.