Intuitive voice healing workshop with Gong bath

/Intuitive voice healing workshop with Gong bath
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The voice healing session and gong bath will engage every part of your heart, body and soul.

This workshop It will relax your rational mind, opening your ears , eyes and imagination to the pleasure and benefits of expressing yourself.

In the first part of the workshop, Marta will present intuitive voice healing using vocal tools such as: Vocal toning, Healing with voice, Balance the chakra with vowels. In turn, Magda would like to invite us into the world of a white voice. This technique is based on the open throat and free volume of a bright color. The ancient Slavic cultures have already benefited from the relaxing and healing nature of this singing. Magda will introduce also some old Slavic mantra and traditional Polish lullabies . We will be shown how to create our own lullaby for our hearts, minds and souls with using white song technic crteria.

At the end we will be relaxing urself with The Gong bath . We invite you to join us for a deep immersion into Sacred Sound & Vibration. Using Venus planetary Gong , Symphonic Gong and Wind Gong. Also Himalayan singing bowls, drums, rattles and a variety of world instruments we produce evocative soundscapes which encourage deep relaxation and meditation whilst restoring positive energy balance for the body, mind & soul. When you enter a sound bath, there are no specific rules to be followed. A regular session will have the person sit down comfortably (or lie down, with rested eyes) and focus on the sounds and frequencies emitted in the room. Sometimes, instruments like forks, gongs, crystal bowls, and chimes are brought into use to introduce soothing sounds in the room.


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