Winter Solstice Celebration -Galway

/Winter Solstice Celebration -Galway
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WINTER  SOLSTICE                  ,,S h i n e   y o u r   L i g h t ,,

Take a little time out of the hustle and bustle of your holiday season to breathe and reconnect to yourself on the longest night of the year celebrating the winter solstice. Moving from a mindful breathwork (pranic healing) and body work practice led by Lukasz also he will guide us how to reconnect our body with a new healthy eating life style (new resolution and recipes for new year!)
Together with Marta we will explore power of our own voice , we explore our shadows side and release any limiting and self -sabotaging beliefs. By different healing practice (body movement , sound -voice healing, breathwork , meditations) we will grow and expand our inner light. When we are invited to go inward first in order to emerge and shine. We may need to allow ourselves time to grieve and process whatever comes up in order to shine even brighter on the other side .This workshop is the perfect opportunity to slow down and find light and inspiration for the winter season and the coming new year.

Start from 11
Opening Ceremony, Welcoming setting up intention
Voice healing
Lunch time 1,5 h
Kundalini meditation
Body movement and chanting
Gong Bath Night

Sunday we start 10 am
Breath work
Healthy eating lecture and degustation
Lunch break 1,5h
Voice healing with gong bath
Devavani meditation
Closing ceremony , Chanting ,burning a intention

Finish around 17 pm on Sunday

* Early Bird Registration (on or before 12/14): 250 eu
Arriving Saturday morning 2 tea breaks lunch and super, B/B tea break and lunch on Sunday, also durring a break fresh vegetable and fruit juices.
*Regular Registration (after 12/21): 300eu
one day workoshop without sleep over but with a food 120 eu .

more info about preparation and schedule in private email.

About Marta and Nadabrahma Sound Healing School I have been working as a healer and holistic teacher for the past number of years. My focus on Sound Therapy in the form of Tibetan bowls Gongs and Voice Therapy lead me to achieve optimum Health and Well Being. In my work my intention is to bring balance to everyone’s body and mind, opening the quietness and stillness of the mind that is always present, but clouded by ours distracting thoughts. By using therapeutic sounds I create this mindfulness meditation for myself and others. I am inviting the bells to go to a very deep meditation to calm down our feelings disturbing thoughts and to recognise our open and pure being. Sound frequencies are an invaluable and powerful healing tool. I work with them regularly during my own self-healing and meditation and whilst working with clients.
Since 2009 I’m conducting a group workshop and individual sessions “Gong Bath” and “Voice healing meditation”. I am founder of ,,Nadabrahma Health Academy,,(Sound Healing School I provide two diferent types of trainings. First training is about how to work with tibetan, crystal bowls and gong to create individual and group session and 2 training is about voice healing. This course will wake up to a new relationship with who you are as revealed through the power of your voice. The voice will engage every part of your heart, body and soul. It will relax your rational mind, opening your ears , eyes and imagination to the pleasure and benefits of expressing yourself.

Education field :
The Institute of Sound Massage Therapy in Unzen (Germany) in Sound massage According to Peter Hess.
The Sound Healing College UK –
Rahanni Angel healer practitioner (Catherine McDonnell)
Master Reiki – (Ireland Krystyna Lazur)
The University of Silesia in Poland – First Class Honours Degree in 2004 in Arts and Teaching
IADT – Post-graduated diploma in event cultural management 2015
Liberate the voice of your soul – 16 weeks seminar with Chloe Goodchild 2017
Pranic Healing 2019

About Lukasz
Łukasz’s aim is to promote healthy growth, development and well-being.
On the way to his own health, he practiced many self-healing therapies.
He has participated at many personal development workshops and trainings.
He learned that the best nutrition comes from raw food sources and this is his way of energy acquisition.
He is the old vipassana student; initiated as kriya yogini; participating in Buddhist seminars.
Recently he is on the way of creating and developing his own practice in healing therapies with bioenergy, sound and spiritual healing techniques.

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