One to One Voice Healing Session

//One to One Voice Healing Session
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  • Cost: 60 Euro

  • Duration: 1h

Sound is not just ‘heard’ by our ears but is felt by the entire aura. Sound healing is a powerful way to re-balance, resonate and align the chakras through toning them with their particular sacred vowel sounds. The voice is therefore a true mirror of inner health and mental stability, or lack of it. It reflex the full range of emotional excitement or disinterest


Using The Human Voice

Sound can also be used to directly express stuck energy within the human energy field and provide a means of expression and thereby release. Energy can manifest in many different forms and the human voice is the perfect instrument to carry all those forms of expression whether by the healer or the recipient.

Quite naturally there are no right or wrong sounds and we can use this to our advantage.

When we go deeper into a healing experience words become too cumbersome as a means of expression, they take too long and cover little ground. Yet everyone is able to immediately recognise and empathise with a deep wailing of grief that transcends all language barriers and touches us all deeply.

Anyone who has ever breastfed a baby knows the tangible effect of a baby’s cry on the body!

It is the ability of the voice to deeply touch every aspect of our Being that makes sound healing such a powerful tool for healing.

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